Riddles And Rhymes

by Viktor Wilhelmsen

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Recorded in Brygga Studio in Trondheim, november 2014. Additional musicians: Pål Brekkås - Bass; Stian Lundberg - Drums. Mixed and mastered by Håkon Aaltvedt.


released May 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Viktor Wilhelmsen Trondheim, Norway

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Track Name: Ice And Steel
the winter is long where I come from
we used to be wild, but now we're just dumb
what do I care if it gets out of hand
up here we don't see, we don't understand
I'm sure that you must know how it feels
I come from the land of ice and steel

my neighbor gave five, but I gave ten
it sure feels good being a good citizen
the left hand's for dreamers, the right is for force
we'll send them all back without any remorse
sometimes the news just seems too surreal
I come from the land of ice and steel

we've gotten so far, let's turn back around
upside down with our heads in the ground
I stand up against evil, I'm righteous and just
I do what I can, but mostly what I must
I've only heard rumors, don't know if they're real
I come from the land of ice and steel steel

I sleep through the night, but I wake in a dream
I said I'd go south, but I'm not very keen
angels and demons making love in the snow
they don't see the man with no place to go
he's been places where they know what we deal
I come from the land of ice and steel
Track Name: Where The Unknown Roams
he lost his mind and he went under
time stood still for a while
the watcher of the night did wonder
why did he go down with a smile

in the dark alley's of the mind he wanders
some say his trying to get home
but I know he's travelling yonder
to where the unknown roams

shadows in his eyes keep fighting
some times it's hard to tell who's who
some times his words seem so enlightning
you pinch yourself to see if it's true

and finally he found the question
and said 'can I get the answer too'
I've already given my confession
what else can I do?

everyone is up here waiting
he left us just to get away
everyone around's translating
what they thought they heard him say

to live oustide the wall is madness
to live inside is just the same
to deal with all the pain and sadness
is better outside the game
Track Name: When You're Not With Me
walking down the same road as before
passing through those same old doors
following the same path as yesterday
can't find no place I want to stay
sharpening my knifes, preparing my tools
but when you're not with me, I feel like a fool

the world keeps on turning, chained to the sun
I keep on yearning, when you're gone
facing my life, accepting what I've got
trying to accept all that I'm not
when we're together I'm laid back and cool
when you're not with me, I feel just like a fool

people they hurry, they fuzz and they fret
they blindly accept the course that's been set
people are stuck here, I know it's so
always chasing some invisible foe
people are stupid – maybe I'm just cruel
but when you're not with me, I'm also a foo
Track Name: Voices From A Farther Room
I came into the room, I looked around
Looked like any other room in any other town
the light was dim, the curtains drawn
I could hear laughter out on the summer lawns
Remnants of nights, of a hundred moons
of too many mornings that came too soon
Writings on the table , paintings on the walls
are just voices from a farther room, belitteling it all

somebody's knocking on my door
I know what they're knocking for
me and them can never be the same
I can never be that picture in a frame
I've been watching the circus from this place
thinking 'bout our first kiss - our first embrace
words and rumors, empires will fall
but these voices from a farther room, they're belitteling it all

There are lines in the rubble, just like a river flows
how to break out of this bubble, no one really knows
I've been living in the forrest, trying to break free
every hour, every minute , I've been longing for the sea
sometimes it seems like a second, sometimes like a million days
I've been trying to get to you, but time is blocking my way
we are all just waiting out in the hall
where these voices from a farther room, are belitteling it all
Track Name: Subtlety May Win Me
we stood together on the old balcony
I asked her where she came from, she pointed out to sea
a moment seemed a lifetime, time was standing still
she whispered «subtlety may win me, force never will»

they lingered for a while, he seemed a bit distressed
he may have thought she was putting him through a test
she knew he was blinded, by his need for a thrill
she thought «subtlety may win me, force never will»

I turned away for a moment, and then she was gone
was like someone drove my heart into the burning sun
all was lost, her last words lingered still
«Subtlety may win me, force never will»

the high crescent moon did indeed make him feel
the delightful well known feeling, strange and unreal
was like the world from beyond whispered from behind the hill
«subtlety may win me, force never will»

he climbed the slope, he walked all day, he crossed the frozen lake
he searched above, he searched below, he took what he could take
he said «if I don't find you soon, I will have to kill»
she said «subtlety may win me, force never will»

he saw the shadows, he saw their trail, but he didn't hear their song
he was to proud to think that he might've been wrong
now he's doomed, to spend his days unfulfilled
'cause subtlety may win you, force never will

so now I'm still going on, I see her now and then
she still feels the same, she will always be my friend
right now I'm going up, but soon I'll bee going downhill
subtlety may win her, force never will
Track Name: Just Getting Old
I thought I'd see rain falling from the sky
turning into truth as it hit my eye
I thought I'd see lights, shimmering like gold
I thought I was the one
now that thought is gone
I thought that I was wise, but I'm just getting old

I thought I'd hear the voice of mother earth
giving me the answer I lost track of after birth
I thought that this surmise, was something to uphold
It's all just blood and steel
at least I know how that feels
I thought that I was wise, but I'm just getting old

I thought that I'd hear the song of ancient stars
flowing through the universe, from where ever they are
I really thought that it was I, who'd tell what's still untold
I thought I'd be more
than I was before
I thought that I was wise, but I'm just getting old

I think I'll stop before it gets out of hand
I think I'll stop, before I fully understand
I think I'll stop telling lies, stop trying to control
I've had more than I can bare
and I'm not nearly there
I thought that I was wise, but I'm just getting old
Track Name: Nine o'clock In The Evening
miserable clouds are gathering in the sky
It's a miserable fact which you can't deny
It's a miserable world full of murder and theft
it's nine o'clock in the evening
and I'm wondering how long I've got left

can't change the world with metaphysical conceit
gonna tuck myself in a blanket of concrete
been ten long days feeling numb and deaf
it's nine o'clock in the evening
and I'm wondering how long I've got left

seems like this is gonna last a while
might as well put on a smile
thirty long years feeling lost and bereft
it's nine o'clock in the evening
and I'm wondering how long I've got left
Track Name: Where Are You Right Now?
I followed the rules, I did what I was told to
I worked all day, but I knew it was all in vain
darling I don't know how
could you please explain
where are you right now?

trains pulling in and there's people all around
they claim to be free, but all that I can see
petals on a wet black bough
I guess they're like me, but
where are you right now?

I live by the law every minute of the day
I'm locked in chains I've been making as I go
I'm tied up in the crowd
but all I want to know
where are you right now?